Top Home Improvement Apps for the Handymen and DIY Diehards

You already have the latest tools and instruments to make your handyman services easier and professional. Now add to your collection the following virtual tools which you can comfortably carry in your pocket, using your iPad or iPhone:

  • Noterise

This is a free app that lets you sketch and write down some notes about your projects either by typing or in your own handwriting. You can start everything from scratch here or simply import the sketches, plans and documents you are already working on and edit. The app will help you keep all project notes in well organised folders.

  • Builder’s Helper

This is the ultimate calculator for ALL that is done in typical DIY and handyman services projects. Whereas most construction calculators are expensive devices, you are going to have all of those in a nifty pack with this app and at a very handsome price.

  • Spacing Calculator

You know of those situations where you have a couple of shelves you want to put up nice and evenly spaced, but you need to work out some serious mathematics to do so? Now that has never been easier with the help of this utility app. Just input the total height of the shelves, the number of shelves you have and their thickness and bam – you have the right spacing.

  • Dropbox

Not exactly a tool, at least not before you find out how convenient it makes storing all your project sketches, ideas, pictures and notes in a place that you can access from anywhere and using almost any device. You don’t have to worry about the working plans, the manuals for your tools and other relevant resources that you left in your office once you are out in the field, just go to your Dropbox.

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