Waterproofing solutions – know what will work best

Waterproofing your home is essential if you want to keep water out, especially in seasons where rain can cause havoc. It is a great displeasure for a home owner to have to discard expensive furniture if it has been ruined by water damage. Thus, it is important to waterproof your house to ensure no unwanted leaks can ruin your décor.

Here are a few waterproofing solutions you can choose from if your house is leaking, whether it may be from rain or an underground water problem:

  • Waterproofing products – Products such as paint primer can solve your leak problem. It is important however to determine how bad the leak is and if paint primer will be able to stop the leak from getting any worse. If you have water seeping from your walls, it will not be recommended to use paint primer.
  • Crack injections – If your wall has a crack and there is water coming from it, it is best to inject the crack with epoxy or polyurethane material. Doing so will prevent water from coming through the crack but is not recommended for all types of walls.
  • Exterior excavation waterproofing – To stop a leak, you will have to excavate from 1.8 meters to 2.4 meters on the outside of the foundation in order to get to the culprit of the leakage. It will typically be a faulty pipeline or natural water flowing into the foundation area. This can be quite expensive, but doing so can prevent any future leaks.
  • Interior excavator waterproofing – This method is more commonly used and much less expensive. By using this method, you will need to know how strong the flow of natural water is that moves beneath the floor. Installing pipes to lead the water away from the building can solve the problem permanently.

Waterproofing services at Showroom Condition

At Showroom Condition we specialise in waterproofing services and can help you with any water related issues you might have.

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