Waterproofing Wisdom

The best time to start repairing something is always NOW. But when it comes to waterproofing, yesterday would have been better! Seriously though, now is the right time to get your buildings ready to cope with the summer rains that will soon be upon us.

Your property should be inspected annually for water leaks and damage as water damage is one of the most detrimental things that can happen to your property. Moisture can destroy more than just your foundation, roof and ceiling; it can also ruin furniture and finishes, create rust, mould and mildew! Not to mention how uncomfortable and unsightly it is to live with leaks in the home…

There are many ways water can leak into your home. It comes in through your roof, walls, pipes, even floor. And for older houses (although few in South Africa), the basement can be a waterproofing and damp disaster zone. Locally, we see many problems arising with flat roofed houses, but pitched roofs are certainly not exempt from their own headaches.

When it comes to waterproofing and water damage, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Check for clogged gutters or gutters that are bent and not flowing properly.
  • Check metal roofs for rust.
  • Make sure that there is no water resting on the house after rainfall or irrigation.
  • Use French drains to divert water and keep it running away from buildings.
  • Hire a waterproofing specialist to ensure you’re using the most suitable waterproofing solution. The experts can help to set you up with the system that is right for your home’s location, how it was built and what water source is causing your problem. There is no generic answer to waterproofing needs.

Prevention is always better than cure

Taking preventative waterproofing steps could save you tens of thousands of rands in repairs to your home’s infrastructure, finishes and contents.

For more information on Showroom Condition’s waterproofing solutions, or to get a quote, please contact us today.

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