What is the difference between waterproofing and damp proofing?

Are you in the process of renovating your home? Have you recently discovered an area of damp in your walls? Do you want to make sure your home is properly maintained? Then it’s time you learned the difference between waterproofing and damp proofing so you can make sure you know what to do when the need arises.


·         What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing should be able to stop water “wicking” or being absorbed by concrete under a variety of conditions, but especially under pressure, for instance, when the water table is high.

Waterproofing is essential in high rainfall and high water table areas due to water collecting around the foundations of buildings. This is of concern in areas with clay soils, as clay absorbs and holds more water than sandy, granular soils. The resultant increase in pressure could force water through the concrete and weaken the structure if waterproofing is not correctly applied.


·         What is Damp Proofing?

Damp proofing is specifically intended to keep soil moisture out, as opposed to moisture and liquid like waterproofing.

It’s important to remember that damp proofing materials are not as “flexible” as waterproofing materials and are unable to seal surface cracks or holes when applied. Therefore, it is essential to ensure foundations and drains are properly installed when using damp proofing or you might find yourself running into problems further down the line.

Choosing the right product

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