What should your home maintenance contract include?

Tying yourself down to a home maintenance contract in Gauteng should not be a decision you take lightly. You are going to trust someone else to work on, maintain and make repairs to your most valuable investment.

You will easily be able to find many companies offering maintenance contracts in Gauteng. However, sifting through all the possibilities to find a reliable and professional service provider might prove somewhat of a challenge. Make it easier by making sure the following is included in your maintenance contract:

  • Stipulate the length of the contract: The length of the home maintenance contract should be clearly stipulated in the contract. If a notice period is required after the contract expires, this should also be clearly documented. The company should also let you know what form of notice will be accepted.
  • What is included: Here you will have the chance to include all aspects of your property’s maintenance that will be covered by the contract. Agree on and list all the things the property maintenance company will be responsible for such as pool maintenance, waterproofing and roofing repairs, gutters and drains maintenance and other household plumbing, for example. Be as thorough and comprehensive as possible.
  • What’s the cost: The cost of the monthly property maintenance contract should be agreed on and clearly stipulated in the contract. If something not covered in the contract needs to be fixed (such as your water heater, for example), a reasonable fee structure should be included that will determine the additional costs you need to pay.
  • Responsibilities of both parties: Clearly set out the responsibilities of the maintenance company and what will be expected of you. This will eliminate any possibility of miscommunications or misconceptions from taking place.

As always, do your due diligence and research any prospective maintenance company before signing a home maintenance contract in Gauteng.

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