Why do you need waterproofing services in Gauteng?

A lot of homeowners ask me about waterproofing for their homes. This is a good question because if your home incurs water damage, it can be very costly to repair.

The best way to insure against water damage, is waterproofing prevention. If you prevent water damage from occurring then you don’t have a problem right?

Areas for Waterproofing

There are many things that a waterproofing contractor can do to waterproof your home. The most important thing to check is your roof; if your roof starts leaking, it can really hurt your pocket if it sustains water damage.

Waterproofing is available for all types of roof types like concrete and flat roofs, IBR Roofs, corrugated roofs, tile roofs and valleys.  Waterproofing your metal gutters is great for stopping that annoying corner gutter leak!

There are other areas that also need waterproofing to prevent moisture from penetrating the material and causing damage. If you want to save money and preserve your outdoor stuff, waterproofing is a good option for planter boxes, ponds, staircases, patios and balconies and parking decks.

If you are noticing puddles of condensation, moisture or a funky smell, you may have a hidden leak. To prevent any possible water damage, consider a leak detection service to find out if you have a problem or not.

If you have a problem with mould build-up in the shower (and who doesn’t); waterproofing services in Gauteng from Showroom Condition can help seal the tile and grout. Viola – no more mould build up!

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