Why you should consider roof waterproofing in Gauteng

With the drought that Gauteng and many other parts of South Africa had been experiencing up until the end of 2016, few homeowners were worried about roof waterproofing. Luckily for our area, Gauteng has recently seen a huge increase in rainfall. However, when it comes to keeping your home in tip-top condition, this rain can often do more harm than good. Here are a few reasons why you should consider roof waterproofing in Gauteng:

  • Structural damage can occur over time

Water has a way of making its presence known by seeping into your roof tiles and weakening them. From there, the water can also start leaking into your home and quickly begin weakening its overall structure. Not only does this lead to safety concerns, but it can make it very difficult to sell your home for a good price in the future – and may cost you thousands of rands to fix.


  • Interior damage is inevitable

If your roof tiles are no longer in the best condition, this will always lead to leaks into your home. If you are out when the rain hits, these leaks can damage your personal items, such as carpets, couches and electrical appliances – sometimes beyond repair.


  • Mould and damp can form

Mould and damp can be very dangerous to your and your family’s health. Once it is present, it can start to spread like wildfire and can be a real challenge to remove. Just like structural damage, it also lessens the value of your home.

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