You Want To Install Your Cabinets Like a Pro? Follow These 10 Tips:

  1. First label and mark up the locations of the cabinets, fixtures and appliances on the walls and draw a level line for both the top and bottom cabinets.
  2. Make your installation easier by removing the cabinet doors, shelves and drawers before you start installing. This also prevents them from being damaged.
  3. Shim out the larger bows on the walls before hanging your cabinet to prevent accidental pull offs of the cabinets’ backs. You can shim the smaller ones as you install.
  4. Hang the upper cabinets first.  You will find it much easier to hang these when there are no obstructions on the lower side. Using a ledger board to rest the cabinets on ensures an easy, straight and nicely aligned installation.
  5. Use your clamps to hold two cabinets together as you connect them. Line them up at the face frames and fasten them together using two and a half inch screws in predrilled holes.
  6. Always make use of the finest screws. No need to be frugal on the screws when you have already spent a bundle on the cabinets. The RF self-countersinking screws are always a good choice for most handyman services.
  7. Proceed with the base cabinets by lining them up with the level line you made on the wall and fastening the back at that point. Then use shims to level the sides from the bottom before fastening it completely.
  8. If you are going to install your kitchen flooring after installing the cabinets, use flooring blocks the size of your planned flooring to raise the base cabinets before fastening.
  9. When cutting out the holes for drainpipes and water lines, cut oversized holes as opposed to exact sizes. Larger holes make it easier to slide the cabinets in place.
  10. As common with handyman services for cabinet installation, use the cabinet’s door rails as a guide location for knobs and pulls.

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